If you live in the Fourth Congressional District, that might be the National Republican Campaign Committee on the line. The group is targeting 10 Democratic incumbents, including Rep. Jason Altmire, D-McCandless, who voted for the stimulus bill two years ago with robocalls to remind their constituents of the vote and spit some venom about the bill itself -- which, depending on which economist you ask, either saved us from a second Great Depression or was a giant, sauce-laden slab of wasteful pork. The call also points out that Altmire voted against House Republicans' slash-and-burn government funding bill that passed early Saturday.

Altmire barely survived the fall's hefty GOP wave, but the NRCC -- which also is playing the stimulus card on a satirical website -- is hoping the undertow can pull him out to sea in 2012. Here follows a text of the call:

Hi, I'm calling from the National Republican Congressional Committee, 320 First Street SE, Washington, DC  20003, 202.479.7000 with an important political message.  This call is a recording. Two years ago this month, your Congressman Jason Altmire helped pass Obama's stimulus.  He promised it would create jobs and improve the economy, but instead Pennsylvania's unemployment rate has gone up almost 20 percent. You thought Altmire would've learned his lesson after his big-spending stimulus failed, but last week he voted against a budget bill that actually cut spending, choosing to spend more money we don't have. Call Jason Altmire at 202.225.2565 and tell him he doesn't get it... You want jobs, not more debt to pay. Paid for by the National Republican Congressional Committee.  Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.  202.479.7000.

Photo: Washington Post/Sarah L. Voisin

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