Pat Toomey's opponents have been having a bit of fun lately . . . but we'll get to the nude pictures later. Toomey book

First up and more importantly are Toomey's comments Monday on Social Security. From the liberal blog Think Progress:

Last week, Pennsylvania’s Republican candidate for Senate, Pat Toomey, touted his plan for privatizing Social Security, saying, “I’ve got a whole chapter in a book that I wrote that deals with how I think, one of the ways I think we could reform Social Security to make it viable.” A section of the chapter which Toomey referenced is called “Personal Accounts Lead to Personal Prosperity.” And when President Bush released his plan for privatizing Social Security, Toomey said, “I have been arguing for many years in favor of Social Security personal retirement accounts. “I’m thrilled that the President is taking up this critical issue,” Toomey added. But when directly asked at the Pennsylvania Press Club yesterday whether he still favors privatization, Toomey actually replied, “I’ve never said I favor privatizing Social Security

The blog has Toomey's full answer (how he'd reform SS to give workers "the opportunity to take a portion of their payroll tax and actually save that and own that" -- ie, to put the funds in the private market) and a video link. Don't think Democrats will let go of the Social Security issue, whether the GOP thinks it's fair or not -- 10th District congressional challenger Tom Marino is getting hammered for saying Social Security will have to be cut in the future, and Dems made a big deal about privatization during Mark Critz's successful hold of Jack Murtha's 12th District seat.

So, onto nude ladies, via this weekend article from the Associated Press noting that Toomey got a $4,800 donation last year from an adult website owner. Neither the campaigns for Toomey nor fellow GOP Senate candidate Rand Paul of Kentucky said they would return donations from Cyan Banister, who the co-owner of founded California-based, which features arty photos of nude/scantily clad women. From the AP:

"We have over 50,000 individual donors," Toomey campaign spokeswoman Nachama Soloveichik said. "Many of those supporters do not agree with Pat on every issue, but they tend to share his belief that the government in Washington is too big, it taxes too much, and it is sticking future generations with far too much debt. We're happy to have those supporters, even if we differ on some issues."

It's an inoccuous issue (especially in giant Senate campaign that has raised $9.8 million from donors far and wide) but the Toomey camp has made hay of campaign contributions too. It called on Democrat Joe Sestak to return donations from those who won earmarks from his office, and got behind efforts to make Arlen Specter return campaign money after his party flip. (The refund effort was led by Club For Growth, which Toomey formerly headed.)

UPDATE: Keystone Progress has already set up a site -- think "Boogie Nights" and/or American Apparel's Dov Charney -- mocking the contribution.

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