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Conservative columnist Dick Morris has a novel idea -- it the the DoJ won't name a special Dick Morrisprosecutor on the Joe Sestak White House job offer, Tom Corbett should take up the job.


Corbett’s jurisdiction stems from the concept of universal jurisdiction, now accepted virtually everywhere.  The concept is simple.  If someone on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River fires a pistol across the Hudson and the bullet from the pistol hits someone on the NY side, where did the crime take place? For about 600 years, the answer would have been in NY, where the harm was caused. Under the Reagan administration, and in response to urgings from the Meese Justice Department, the courts began to accept the doctrine of universal jurisdiction. This principle gives jurisdiction to law enforcement in the place wherever any act occurred that may have resulted in a crime. Thus, under our scenario above, the shooter could be prosecuted in NJ or NY.

Thus, if Cong. Sestak was in one of his homes, in PA or VA, when he received a telephone call offering him a job if he withdrew from the PA Senate primary against Sen. Arlen Specter, law enforcement authorities in PA and VA — both of which have Republican state Attorneys General — can subpoena Cong. Sestak to testify before a state grand jury and compel him to answer the who, what, when, and where that everyone has a right to know.

The people of the United States and, particularly the people of Pennsylvania, want these questions to be answered honestly.  They will not settle for a Democratic stonewall that refuses to let the truth emerge.

In case you've missed it, the job offer has become a major talking point on Fox News and thereabouts. Short version: Whereas the BP spill is Obama's Katrina, Sestak is his Watergate.

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