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Toomey, Sestak, beerJoe Sestak remains up on Arlen Specter -- this time by 4 points -- in today's Muhlenberg/Morning Call tracking poll. Last night Rasmussen released their look at general election matchups in the Senate race, saying it would be a dead heat between Sestak and Republican Pat Toomey, with Toomey up 12 if it's another faceoff with Specter.

That gets us back to this story from Pollster that the Sestak camp has been sending around, saying they too think the congressman would give Toomey a tougher fight in November:

A quick glance at the aggregates in a Specter vs. Republican Pat Toomey and Sestak vs. Toomey matchup shows that both candidates lose to Pat Toomey. Yes, it is true that Specter only trails by 6.9% (46.5%-39.6%) and Sestak trails by 9.1% (41.8%-32.7%), but the Sestak vs. Toomey matchup also has a larger pool of undecided voters. Thus, Sestak would have a greater opportunity to pick up voters and close any gap between Toomey and himself. Now you might believe that Specter could pick up the undecided voters in a Specter vs. Toomey matchup. This scenario does not seem likely when we look at the favorability ratings of Specter among the general electorate.

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