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That was fast.

We mentioned below how the Sestak camp would hammer Arlen Specter for his vote against Elena Kagan last year -- and tie it to his votes in approval of the Roberts court -- and sure enough their statement is already out. (Nothing yet from Team Specter. UPDATE: It's here.) Sestak lauds the Kagan pick then goes on to say:

"My opponent, Senator Specter, has already made his views about the President's nominee clear by voting against her confirmation to be Solicitor General, even as seven of his fellow Republicans approved her nomination. I expect Senator Specter may backtrack from his earlier vote on Ms. Kagan this week in order to help himself in the upcoming primary election, but the people of Pennsylvania have no way of knowing where he will stand after May 18.

"Senator Specter's fitness to evaluate Supreme Court nominees is a matter of serious concern. He overstepped the bounds of decency in his persecution of Anita Hill in order to put Clarence Thomas on the court. While campaigning for the Chairmanship of the Judiciary Committee in 2004, he indicated he would provide swift confirmation of President Bush's nominees and, just recently, former Senator Rick Santorum confirmed that he extracted an explicit quid pro quo from Senator Specter that Specter would 'fight for and defend' anyone President Bush nominated in exchange for a political endorsement.

"Senator Specter has rightfully said that confirming nominees to the Supreme Court is one of the most important duties of a Senator. The people of Pennsylvania and this country deserve someone they can count on to be objective and act in the best interest of the nation -- not to exploit such an important process for their own political gain."

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