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As Early Returns readers know, Cranberry state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe loves email. Here's his Daryl Metcalfelatest one today to members of the Republican State Committee, on his effort to win the Lt. Gov's race and purge the party of those he deems not conservative enough (ie, Republicans-In-Name-Only).

After the jump, he says most of the committee members -- again, the same people he is sending the email to -- are "puppets, yes men and yes women."

It appears he puts the probable leader of the GOP ticket -- Tom Corbett -- in that category.

How many politicians do you trust?

The most common response I receive is also the same as my answer: “not many”.

Republican imposters claim the enduring G.O.P. platform of lower taxes, limited government, upholding the Constitution and protecting family values, and then fail to hold these “principles” once elected.

 Less than a year ago, PA Republican State Committee members received a mailing urging support for Arlen Specter, “in order to keep the seat”.  If he had not switched to Democrat, he would have been endorsed again.  Is this why you are serving on State Committee, to “keep the seat” regardless of positions and principles?

The office of Lt. Governor has been at best a silent partner to the Governor, and, at worst, an all-too-willing accomplice as the Executive Branch has trampled the rights of citizens.

I am in the race to redefine the office of Lt. Governor as the voice of accountability

for the people of Pennsylvania. If Pennsylvania’s next Governor breaks his word and raises taxes, supports more government programs that redistribute wealth or signs laws that infringe on our Constitutional rights, then I will publicly expose his actions and be ready to challenge him in the next primary election.

I am asking for the support of every independent-minded Republican State Committee person that is fed up with being asked to settle for the G.O.P. establishment’s RINO candidates.  I know if you fit the above description you are in the minority.  What the public does not generally know is that individual State Committee votes are not released, the majority of the State Committee members are just puppets, yes men and yes women, pawns of the powerbrokers and kingmakers who try to control the party.

Since my announcement to enter the nine-way race for the Republican nomination, political reporters have recognized the viability of my campaign.  The establishment has also noticed.  Their first maneuver was to file a petition challenge to Jean Craig Pepper’s candidacy in an attempt to force her off the ballot so she would not drain the pro-abortion RINO votes from their South East candidate.  Next, a right to know request for detailed expenses and salary information from my very first day in office, Dec. 1, 1998, was submitted to the PA House of Representatives from a Delaware company named Roundtable Communications, another South East connection.

Whether it’s fighting to protect taxpayers, upholding our God-given right to keep and bear arms; or protecting the innocent life of the unborn, not one of my opponents, including the state GOP establishment’s anointed candidate, can match my state and nationally-recognized record on these and many other core Republican values.

I have the experience, state-wide name recognition, principled legislative track record and needed message of accountability that poses a serious and legitimate threat to the establishment’s candidate.  If you are as disgusted with the political forces that continue to manipulate our party for their personal benefit as I am then I invite you to join me in this battle.

For Liberty,

Daryl Metcalfe

State Representative

Lt. Governor Candidate

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