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No, not because it's the first day of winter -- Pittsburgh has basically been in the throes of that for weeks, thank you very much global climate change -- but because the first 2010 Census figures come out today, and the new apportionment of congressional seats.

Pennsylvania is due to lose one seat, which would pare its delegation down from 19 seats to 18. GOP leaders (who control both houses of the state legislature and the governor's mansion) will control the boundaries of the re-set districts, as they are set by state law.

In 2000, the state lost two congressional seats.

Take it away, redistricting guru Chris Briem:

Last time, with centers of population loss in Piittsburgh and Philly you had a certain amount of geographic balance in the state which circumscribed the changes as borders were redrawn.   This time it does not matter where the seat is 'lost' from.  The secondary impacts will significantly alter borders all the way across the state to define congressional districts with equal populations. 

Then we will have fun redistricting all of the state legislature, both house and senate...  then local things like city and county council districts here.  Not to mention school board districts.  I guess there is no hope of making sense of the voting districts themselves, but we will keep plugging away at that.  When we eventually have a district that nobody shows up at to vote for a given election then I figure something has to give.

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