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Don't miss Dennis Roddy's Thanksgiving weekend story on the wine kiosks at grocery stores (which weren't operational on Thanksgiving, by the way):

Ms. Tomer, who was sent from her regular job as a state store clerk to help with an expected crush of pre-Thanksgiving customers, did what we're all trained to do when technology fails.

"Oh, pleeeeeeeeze work," she told the kiosk. The thing just stared back stupidly. Then she phoned the service desk.

"I used to be a debt collector. I don't take rejection well," Ms. Tomer said. She phoned. And phoned. And ...

"Reboot? How long?" she asked. Mr. Dee had to confess -- this could be the first time the term "reboot" was ever placed next to a wine selection. As minor comedy goes, this was "Waiting for Pinot."

Mr. Dee walked to the far end of the machine inspecting the bottles. There were mystically red shiraz, insolent spumantes, majestic bottles of champagne all but screaming instant consumption. But no, the machines are not refrigerated. Reds rest alongside whites and chilling a red can put it a bit off. That blonde waiting by the crackling fire with a crystal flute in her hand will just have to chill while the bubbly does the same.

"On top of all this, they charge you a convenience fee, too," Mr. Dee muttered. The clock ticked. The screen on the machine locked. Mr. Dee contemplated ways to retaliate. Could he charge the LCB an inconvenience fee?

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