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This video has nothing to do with local politics but it's so awesome we can't resist.

All politics (and political reporting) have their elements of theater and braggadocio, which get spiked with anger the longer these things go on. It rarely gets as crazy as the video below though.

The NY Daily News has the backstory -- down in the polls NY gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, a Republican, is claiming his Democratic opponent Andrew Cuomo cheated on his ex-wife, which leads to a confrontation with the NY Post's state editor Fred Dicker, a guy legendary for sparing no one, despite working for a notoriously right-wing newspaper.

"I'll take you out, buddy," Paladino says at one point, after warning the Post to stop taking pictures of a 10-year-old daughter, whom he had with a woman other than his wife."You're going to take me out? How are you going to do that?" Dicker asks. "Watch," Paladino barks.

You can't make this stuff up. (Language, beware.) Here it is:

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