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. . . That Taste Great Together.

Mark Critz's campaign scored a nifty two-fer today by combing two of the Great Democratic Swing-State Strategies of Two-Thousand-Ten -- defense of Social Security, and trying to stay at arm's length from the Obama administration.

OK, so he doesn't criticize Obama himself but stand-in Alan Simpson, the co-chair of the president's debt commission -- Critz (among others) says Simpson should be fired for calling Social Security "a milk cow with 310 million tits" this week.

From the Critz camp:

Congressman Mark Critz today called on President Obama to fire former Senator Alan Simpson over remarks he made calling Social Security a “milk cow with 310 million tits”. Critz said Simpson’s remarks reinforce the Senator’s opposition to Social Security and his intent to reduce the national debt by making cuts to the program.

“We need to protect Social Security for our seniors,” Critz said. “Not only were Senator Simpson’s remarks offensive, they demonstrate that he believes that Social Security must be cut rather than address Washington’s reckless spending.  For that reason, I urge President Obama to do the right thing and remove Senator Simpson from the President’s Debt Commission.”

Critz said that any problems the program faces are due to Congress spending money from the Social Security Trust Fund to fund other programs.  He also said that no other program in American history has done more to lift senior citizens out of poverty.

“Any problems Social Security currently face is a direct result of Congress spending the Social Security Trust Fund on other programs,” Critz said. “Congress needs to reduce spending, but we cannot cut the one program that has done more to lift senior citizens out of poverty.”

“By keeping Senator Simpson on the panel, President Obama is sending a message that he is open to cutting Social Security regardless of the impact it will have on our seniors,” Critz added.  “That is wrong and I pledge that will stand up for seniors and fight this scheme every step of the way.”

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