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A UK Guardian reporter live-blogging the longest tennis match in history the other day started to near-hallucinate as the match wound its way into the London evening. From Deadspin:

6.25pm: I'm wondering if maybe an angel will come and set them free. Is this too much to ask? Just one slender angel, with white wings and a wise smile, to tell them that's it's all right, they have suffered enough and that they are now being recalled. The angel could hug them and kiss their brows and invite them to lay their rackets gently on the grass. And then they could all ascend to heaven together. John Isner, Nicolas Mahut and the kind angel that saved them.

Other scribes are talking about how boring the World Cup is, especially with a quarter of the games ending in ties. "All these ties," wrote ESPN's Rick Reilly, "are about as exciting as a Jonas Brothers roundtable on sex."

Boo-hoo-hoo. What's with all the wimpiness among the fourth estate these days? What kind of babies would these guys turn into if they had to cover the Sisyphean torture that is a Pittsburgh City Council meeting? Council meetings go on for hours and hours and end nil-nil every time.

Think you're tough? Try sitting through the debates coming next week when Luke Ravenstahl will send over twenty-three board appointments to various city panels in the wake of the review board overhaul last Friday.

City Paper's Chris Potter -- whose fortitude is beyond measure -- has the details:

I've received confirmation that today, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl submitted to council the names of nearly two dozen people he is nominating to various boards and commissions.  So now we all have something to look forward to next week.

The city clerk's office is not yet releasing the names of the appointees, or the positions they have been selected for. That information, I'm told, is not public record until formally presented at council's regular session next Tuesday. But the office did confirm that 23 nominations have been sent over for council approval, and you can find plenty of likely posts by clicking around the list of boards and commissions, looking for expired terms. (Note: Some of the online information about these appointments may be more outdated than the appointments themselves.) Can it be, for example,  that it is finally time to replace Sergei Matveiev -- who left his city post last year -- on the Historic Review Commission? (Answer: No, it can't. But it's too boring to explain why. Let's just move along.)

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