From Corbett administration:

“Now that the court has upheld the constitutionality of the law, we can continue to focus our attention on ensuring that every Pennsylvania citizen who wants to vote has the identification necessary to make sure their vote counts.’’

Secretary of the Commonwealth Carol Aichele, whose department oversees elections in Pennsylvania, also issued a statement:

“I am pleased Judge Simpson affirmed the constitutionality of the voter ID law. This law will reinforce the principle of one person, one vote.  By giving us a reliable way to verify the identity of each voter, the voter ID law will enhance confidence in our elections.

“We will continue our outreach efforts to make sure all legal Pennsylvania voters know about the law, and know how to get a free ID to vote if needed.”

During a morning conference call about his trip to Silicon Valley, Corbett said he has not yet read the opinion and declined to predict what the state's top court may do:

"I never presume what the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania is going to do. You can never predict what they're going to do. We believe that the law is constitutional. I have not had a chance to read the opinion that's been issued yet by Judge Simpson, but Judge Simpson has an excellent record and I think he would have given a well-thought out opinion and obviously I'm going to support that."

House Majority Leader Mike Turzai, R-Bradford Woods, a major proponent of the new law:

Pennsylvania’s voter ID requirements will provide election officials with an important tool to detect not only incidents of impersonation fraud, but double voting, voting by non-citizens and voting under a fictitious registration. The new law’s absentee voter ID requirements will help to deter absentee ballot fraud.

“The integrity of each and every valid vote was upheld today. As the court said, the requirements of Act 18 will be implemented in a non-partisan, even-handed manner by Commonwealth agencies, and qualified voters will have their votes counted.

“The many election reforms enacted, including voter ID, are aimed to ensure citizens and registered voters have the right to vote and have their vote counted. It’s about one person, one vote, and each instance of fraud dilutes legitimate votes.

“It is unfortunate, but there has been a history of voter fraud in Pennsylvania.

“The elections in the Commonwealth will be on a more level playing field thanks to voter ID and other recent election reforms.”

Pennsylvania Democratic Party chairman Jim Burn:

Pennsylvania Democrats are committed to protecting Pennsylvanians' right to vote, and we will continue to educate voters about the new ID requirements and the process to acquire an appropriate ID to ensure that all eligible voters can get to the polls and exercise their right to vote in November. For months, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party has implemented programs designed to ensure Pennsylvanians have the proper identification and we will continue our work as the legal process unfolds.

Jennifer Austin, Obama for America Pennsylvania press secretary:

“Regardless of today’s decision, we remain committed to working with supporters and volunteers across the state to register and educate Pennsylvanians about the Voter ID law. We want to ensure all eligible voters have the information they need to get to the polls in November and exercise their right to vote. Since the passage of the law our campaign has included information on the new provisions in volunteer trainings, information resources, online, and in voter registration and education activities, and we will continue to do so. Now more than ever it is important that the Commonwealth follow through on its plan to make available free IDs to any voter who may need them. Regardless of party affiliation, we support ensuring any voter eligible to cast a ballot has the right to do so.”

Allegheny County Controller Chelsa Wagner

Allegheny County Controller Chelsa Wagner expressed disappointment in today’s Commonwealth Court decision allowing Pennsylvania’s Voter ID law to go into effect, calling it a violation of citizens’ rights and an unfunded mandate on Allegheny County.

“The Commonwealth itself has stated that more than 100,000 voters in Allegheny County could face problems voting in November because of the ID law. Just one vote denied is irreparable harm,” Wagner said, “Moreover, counties are burdened with the cost of implementation and the duty to prevent chaos at the polls in November.”

Wagner filed an Amicus brief with Commonwealth Court in support of the challenge to the law pointing out the burden it places on Allegheny County, the second largest County in the Commonwealth. With over 1,300 polling locations staffed with more than 7,000 election workers, the law places significant costs for training and implementation on the County. These costs are estimated at more than $10 million statewide.

“We will not stand for disenfranchisement in Allegheny County,” Wagner said. “I will do everything in my power to ensure voter participation despite the challenges this law poses. This is a clear reminder that elections have consequences.”

Wagner now plans to work collaboratively with County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, County Council, and other officials on an aggressive timeline to ensure that every resource is available to guarantee County residents their right to vote.

“Voting is a sacred right in our democracy and no official of our government - in the courts, the legislature, nor the Governor’s office - should be so brazen to deprive Pennsylvanians of their participation,” Wagner said, “Our soldiers throughout history and still today are sacrificing their lives to protect that right.”

House Minority Leader Frank Dermody, D-Oakmont:

“I’m extremely disappointed in today’s ruling, which will deny thousands of eligible Pennsylvania voters their constitutional right to vote.

“Today’s ruling is a travesty not just for those Pennsylvanians whose right to vote will be stripped away by this law but for all Pennsylvanians and all American citizens. A threat to one person’s right to vote is a threat to us all.

“I sincerely hope the Supreme Court will right this terrible wrong and will overturn this decision in time for the November elections. The commonwealth’s highest court should see what the rest of the nation so plainly does – that this law is a scam.

“We must remain vigilant, continue to fight and make the case that the right to vote is not just our most sacred as Americans but also our most fragile. We cannot allow partisan gamesmanship to trump American citizenship.”

Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi, R-Delaware (via Facebook): 

"Today's decision upholds the General Assembly’s clear constitutional authority to pass laws governing Pennsylvania elections. Members of all political parties should now work together to ensure that every voter has the necessary identification to vote on election day."

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale and Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder:

“We are disappointed that Judge Simpson denied the request to enjoin the Voter Suppression Act.  However this is a preliminary decision in the early stages and not the final decision on whether the law denies the people their constitutional right to vote.  He did not make a ruling on the merits of the case or the Constitutional challenge to the law itself. We are confident that the case will be rapidly appealed to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for a review of this intermediate decision on the injunction question and a review of the merits of the case as well,” Bloomingdale said.

“In the meantime we will continue to do what thousands of activists and volunteers did in the Jim Crow South in fighting and defeating poll taxes and other attempts to deny people their right to vote. We will fight to make sure that the people have the right to vote in this major election that will decide the future of our state and nation,” Bloomingdale said.

“We never stopped doing what we do, which is, educating and mobilizing our members on all of the issues, and ensuring every Pennsylvanian has the right to vote, to make sure their voice is heard. Our goal is record high voter turnout in spite of the fact that this law was passed to discourage people from exercising their right to vote,” Snyder added.

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