GOP US Senate Tom Smith is hitting back with a negative ad on Democrat Bob Casey regarding the economic stimulus bill and job creation policies that that the incumbent's team says isn't factual.

The spot says Casey voted for the failed stimulus that paid for jobs in China" and he "failed to offer one single solution to create jobs" as a senator.

Politifact and other independent fact checkers have largely rejected similar China/stimulus claims made in ads by the Romney camp and his supporters, and which the Smith camp indicates came from an October 2011 story in the Tribune-Review.

It appears some stimulus money went to Chinese manufacturers but the exact amount is in dispute. And the Smith camp notes Casey himself joined Chuck Schumer and a couple other Democrats in March to complain about stimulus money going overseas. Casey's complaints about the Obama administration using foreign steel in military vehicles was the subject of his first ad of this race, which was only broadcast in the Pittsburgh market.

The job solution claim is unsourced by the Smith team and easier to settle: here's a Casey press release from just last month pushing tax credits for small businesses that hire new workers or increase wages for new ones. The Smith team (see statement below) means none of Casey's initiatives were approved in the fractious Senate -- which is why they've dubbed him "Senator Zero" -- but that's different from saying he "failed to offer" a plan.

From Casey spokesman Larry Smar:

"First, Tea Party Tom Smith copies his agenda from the Tea Party, now he is copying attacks that have been discredited by independent fact checkers.  To cover up his support for policies that will send jobs overseas Tom Smith is recycling attacks that have been called 'False' and 'Pants on Fire.'  While Bob Casey has proposed cracking down on unfair trade, tax cuts to spur job creation and support for new industries, Tom Smith is lowering the bar on untrue attack ads."

Smith campaign manager Jim Conroy:

"Our new ad, in response to Senator Casey's first misleading attack of the campaign, highlights Senator Zero's record of accomplishing nothing to create jobs for Pennsylvania," said campaign manager Jim Conroy.  "While Tom Smith has a record of creating jobs here in Pennsylvania, Bob Casey, who has failed to pass a single bill into law, has done nothing but serve as  a rubber stamp for failed policies that have led to more than 40 months of unemployment exceeding 8 percent."

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