Nice story from Abby Rapoport at the American Prospect today on the challenges facing Philadelphia groups trying to get the word out on voter ID (we wrote about similar struggles facing those in Pittsburgh):

It's a stiff challenge. Spreading the word and reaching out to affected voters is tough, especially without reliable information about who those voters are. The coalition relies on the state's study, which merged voter rolls with ID-information from the state's Department of Transportation, to tell them which areas are most affected. (While the coalition focuses on Philadelphia, which has a disproportionate number of the people without ID, the activists hope to make it a statewide campaign.)  Volunteers will go door-to-door in such neighborhoods, alerting everyone to the change in rules. In the next few weeks, the coalition also plans on calling homes, using phone numbers from the voting rolls. There's even a gigantic megaphone at the field operation headquarters meant to blare out the message from atop a van. Running on a shoestring budget, Certaine, who's in charge of field operations, hopes for a volunteer army and will rely on church vans to provide transportation to driver's license centers. Groups in the coalition, like the Senior Law Center, are also offering clinics for those who need legal help to obtain an ID.

CNN has a story saying the voter ID fights in Pa and other states could lead to post-election legal battles on a 2000 Bush v Gore level.

So far, so good in the workout today of the tough new voter ID law in the Kansas primary. We'll be watching for reaction tomorrow and through the week.

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