What is it with Pittsburgh and hotel rooms?

The city was back in the news yesterday in criticism from Republican John McCain over Obama administration national security leaks. From a floor speech quoted by Politico, regarding stories by the NYT's David Sanger:

"According to ... Sanger, 'a senior official in the National Security Council' tapped him on the shoulder and brought him to the presidential suite in the Pittsburgh hotel where President Obama was staying, and where 'most of the rest of the national security staff was present.' There, the journalist was apparently allowed to review satellite images and other 'evidence' that confirmed the existence of a secret nuclear site in Iran," McCain said. "I wonder how many people have the key to the presidential suite in a Pittsburgh, Pa. hotel. You might want to start there."

The meetup happened during the G-20 in September 2009 and was pretty well-noted at the time (Politico did a story about the episode) and Sanger has more in an email to Politico:

Sanger e-mails: "As I described in 'Confront and Conceal,'' during the summits in New York and Pittsburgh in 2009, I received a call from a diplomat in Europe who told me that the Iranians had gotten wind of the fact that their secret new facility near Qum had been discovered and rushed a letter to the International Atomic Energy Agency. While vaguely worded, the letter admitted they were building a previously-undisclosed enrichment plant. I began to make calls to administration officials, who initially told me they would not discuss the subject. When it became clear to them that I was writing the story anyway, and that it would pre-empt the President's planned announcement, they decided to brief me. I posted the news on the Times website, because the last editions of the paper had already completed their run.

President Obama, of course, announced the discovery of the faciility the next morning, and several administration officials held a large briefing for the traveling press corps. Clearly, whatever they announced so publicly that day had been declassified somewhere along the line.''

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