Even voters who are aware of the state's new Voter ID rules get confused when the state tries to explain them.

Just ask House Minority Leader Frank Dermody.

Apparently because the Oakmont Democrat is registered as "Francis" he was one of Allegheny County's nearly 100,000 voters (and 758K statewide) alerted by letter recently that his information doesn't match up exactly with PennDOT license records. Except the form letter from the state doesn't exactly say that, and Dermody (a vocal critic of the new GOP-approved requirements) wasn't sure what to make of it. From a statement he issued yesterday:

"The problem is this letter does not do what the state claims it does. There is no explicit warning that the recipient of the letter may lack the proper ID. People who have voted for years without problems know little about the new law and will assume they are fine," Dermody said.

"Nothing in this letter will make them think otherwise or get them to check their ID. My guess is many people threw away the letter without giving it another thought.

"If this letter was truly the first step in a statewide educational campaign, then I have to question the planning that went into it and the overall effectiveness at reaching voters, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars it cost to mail this letter," Dermody said.

Others in Dermody's predicament interviewed by the P-G yesterday shared his confusion with the letters. Read for yourself (click for larger version):


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