Internal poll results from Democratic incumbent Mark Critz's campaign shows his up 10 points over GOP rival Keith Rothfus, with a fifth of voters undecided.

It shows Critz up 46-36% in the PA12 congressional race. Almost 60% have an opinion of Critz and 21% have one of Rothfus, suggesting Critz will be working hard to define his opponent (via negative ads) before he can define himself.

UPDATE: From Rothfus spox Jonathan Raso:

"For an incumbent Congressman coming off an extremely high-profile primary and running against an unknown citizen-candidate, to be under 50% and have only a ten point margin in his own poll spells doom for the current liberal Congressman from Johnstown. As voters continue to learn of the liberal record of Congressman Critz and continue to feel the resulting pain of 40 straight months of over 8% unemployment, the contrasting vision of putting people back to work that Keith Rothfus has will close the margin rather quickly, and Congressman Critz won't be able to salvage his failing political career."

Poll memo below:

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written by mike, June 23, 2012
Keith Rothfus calls himself an "unknown citizen-candate"? Give me a break. He has been running for 4 years in a district where most people are just learning about Mark Critz, and he is losing by 10 points.

He isn't exactly a "citizen" either having served in George W. Bush's administration.
written by Sid, June 20, 2012
Besides perpetually running for office and losing elections, does anyone know what Rothfus actually does for a living?

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