The Raja team's daily attack on county executive opponent Rich Fitzgerald hits back on Democratic outsourcing criticisms, and complains about a perceived low blow in Fitzgerald's debut TV commercial of the fall (which was a copy of ad from the Dem primary).

Full Raja statement after the jump:

Fitzgerald continues to attack Raja on Outsourcing. The facts are clear:

· Raja co-founded his company in Allegheny County, when he could have been anywhere
· That company grew and flourished, creating hundreds of good-paying jobs right here in Allegheny county
· The company now has eight offices in the US and one in Raja's hometown in India
· Raja has received multiple awards for his leadership of CEI
· 94% of Raja's companies payroll is located in the United States

Further, there are no plans for Raja to outsource any part of Allegheny County Government to India. This should be a non-issue.

The real outsourcer for our region is Rich Fitzgerald. His tax and spend policies and politics as usual such as labeling W&K Steel as a "sweatshop" have driven companies and jobs out of Allegheny County. Rich Fitzgerald is using the outsourcing attack to mask his own terrible record on jobs.


Further, the very first thing uttered in Rich Fitzgerald's very first campaign commercial was the coded message, "My dad was born here." And now the Fitzgerald campaign has sunk to a new low, playing off an ugly stereotype in launching its untrue attacks.

There is no greater indictment on Rich's failed leadership of Allegheny County than the boom of corporate offices just on the other side of the border. The explosion of growth in Washington, Cranberry, and Cannonsburg speak to a total failure. This can't be explained away by arguments about tough economic times. These are businesses showing no faith whatsoever in the political leadership of Allegheny county.

Below is the Raja camp's missive from Friday, which we missed:

PITTSBURGH, PA -- NOTE: Over the next 26 days, the Raja campaign will be highlighting the trouble with Rich Fitzgerald's record and actions.

Questions for Rich:

1. Can Allegheny County afford a 92% increase in public works spending?
2. Shouldn't we be trying to save taxpayer money?

Public works spending has increased 92% since 2002 under Rich Fitzgerald's failed leadership. (source: 2010 CAFR pg 336).

"At candidate forums across this county Rich Fitzgerald says 'I can't think of anything you pay less for now then you did 10 years ago' He is right about that. In fact public works costs taxpayers 92% more than it did 10 years ago. These are tough financial times. Allegheny County deserves an executive that will be prudent with taxpayer's dollars." – James Genovese, Raja Campaign Manager.

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