The GOP still doesn't have a big-name candidate to take on Bob Casey, but when the race happens you can be sure the party will be trying to make the race a PA referendum on Obama. Which of course Obama's own reelection run will be, but we digress . . .

GrassrootsPa points today to this story from Casey's hometown Times-Tribune noting he has voted with Obama 97% of the time since 2009. The right-tilting site then points to this quote from a 2006 debate with Rick Santorum, regarding his voting pattern with W: 'when you have two politicians in Washington that agree 98% of the time, one of them's really not necessary'...

Speaking of reelection type issues, The Hill reports today that the anti-abortion Democrat is so far dancing around the subject of funding for Planned Parenthood, though it appears he would vote to support the agency if it came up for a vote.

As we've noted before, anti-abortion/GOP forces are already lining up against Casey, so his stance on PP shouldn't really change much.

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